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The true story of a stay at home mom.

Yup, thats what my daughter read all by herself at the mall today!! today was her first day in her summer reading program. to celebrate we went to lunch at the mall where she spotted the free hot dogs,

Reading has been so hard for her. For me, it was like walking, or eating, it was just something i did. Si it has been really hard having a second grader who can't read anything beyond Cat or Dog. So free hot dogs is one of the small parental victories i am going to remember. Maybe she will catch up this year. maybe not, either way i am trying my best to remain calm wih her and patient. Easier said then done. I tried ti take a nap this afternoon and she woke e up every 10 min!! So much for small parental victories.

On another note, i have the worst case of insomnia lately. my legs just won't hold still but the rest of my body is exhausted. And to make matters worse Dh has started snoring like a buzz saw.

Is general prissiness part of the last trimester??

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:43 PM

Yes, general prissiness is part of the package deal.

I'm happy to hear about your girl's success! 

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