I am at my wit's end with Garrett's daycare.  I must say, I was very pleased with them at first.  It has become a downward spiral and I'm not sure I can allow him to stay in such facilities for much longer.

At first, it was little things, like they would send him home for no reason.  A few times, they'd call and say that he had a fever.  I'd leave work, go pick him up, get him home and magically, no fever.  He wasn't acting sick, there was no fever, and the doctor couldn't find anything wrong with him.  Then, I noticed that there was constant staff turnover.  Garrett's first teacher was a sweet girl named Jackie, who he adored.  She left during the Christmas break.  Then, he had an older woman, named Michelle, that I thought was very good.  For a short while, the director had his class and now he's on a lady named Carmen, who seems nice enough, but I've lost my patience at this point.

It went from small things, to big things, like loosing his beloved blanket.  A few Friday's ago, I went to get him from school and asked for his blanket so I could take it home for it's weekend washing.  Ms Carmen said she'd not seen it all week.  I KNEW I'd taken it that Monday, because I'd also provided a new change of summer clothes and some wipes and diapers.  I asked them to look for it and I searched at home.  I figured that it had been sent home with another child, so I went to Target and bought a new one.  I took it on Monday and made sure his name was clearly marked on it.  That was 2 weeks ago.  They forgot to send it home with him on the Friday before Memorial Day, and I forgot to get it last Friday, so I asked for it today.  Shockingly, they can't find it.  I haven't seen it since I dropped it off.

I also discovered that he hasn't been eating the food I prepare for him.  At his school, you have to pack the kids a lunch.  I thought this was a hassle, but at least I could make sure he had healthy food.  Or so I thought.  His teacher informed me a week ago that he hasn't been eating the fruit I painstakingly cut up for him every day.  He "shares" with his classmates.  I told his teacher that I would prefer that the food he doesn't want be put back in his lunch, after all, fruit is expensive and if he doesn't eat it at lunch, he might want it when he gets home.  I said I definately DID NOT want it being fed to the other kids in his class. 

Today was the final straw.  I went to Garrett's class room and there was AT LEAST 12 kids in his class, ranging from his age group to the 4-5 year olds!  His poor teacher looked like she was ready to cry.  This is the 3rd time I've witnessed this scene, so I asked her where the Pre-K's teacher was and she said it was "transition time" which I've heard before and that equates to "We can't keep a teacher for that class, so for the last few hours of the day, we group them all together"  UNACCEPTABLE.  To make matters worse, the teacher was changing another toddler and Garrett was cornered by 3 of the bigger kids and was crying.  They had him sitting in a chair and wouldn't let him get up.  I was furious. 

I'd pull him out of there tomorrow, but I have to give a 4 week notice.  So, I'm starting my search for a new daycare.  If anyone knows of a good, clean, reasonably priced place, please let me know.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:05 PM

That sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. can you report that activity? I certainly think it's against state law to have 12 children, that age, with only one teacher. In that case, you might not need to give a 4 week notice.

I hope you can find a new one soon.


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:46 AM I have a nanny. She's young, and I think she's been ok. But she works hard and follows your instructions pretty well. You need to show her exactly what you want and give clear instructions. But she has patience, and she charges me $9/hr., and that includes light housework. I've got her 2-3 days per week now and I'm pretty sure she'd like more hours. She doesn't have a license though. Her husband drops her off and picks her up. If you are interested though I'd rather talk to you on the phone b/c it's not a perfect reference. Although I think she'd do better with an older child like Garrett. And she's still learning working for me as I've only had her a couple of weeks.

And with your daycare, what are they going to do if you don't give 4 weeks notice? Sue you? Not likely. Unless it's some sort of national chain they can't afford the litigation. So even if you gave them a credit card to charge in such a situation, call your credit card company before you even pull him to dispute the charge, or at least figure out what you have to do.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:47 AM I bet if you tell them you're going to file a complaint about them not following regualtions on the number of children they are watching they'll let you take him out early.  With kids Garrett's age it's one teacher to I believe 6 kids.  With babies it's one teacher to 4 little ones.  They can lose their lisence for that.  I'd offer the girl we're using but it's way out of your way. 

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Jun. 6, 2008 at 6:05 PM I used to be over a Church daycare,and it is a violation,for one teacher to be over to many kids,they go by the age of the kids.You can report them.It is hard to find good help,because it usally pays so little.Working with kids are like working,you have to do it because you love kids.I now have a daycare in my home.I don't make much at all,but I have had both boys ,since they were 6 wks old one is now 5 and the other 3.Good luck,I hope everything works out for you.

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