I started with my online business not very long ago- only 12 days to be exact- and I started off not knowing anything about gpt sites or paid surveys or traffic exchanges or how to become an affiliate.

It was frustrating and discouraging at first, but after I found  GetRef it all went like a snap!  Now that I'm using GetRef  as my main program through which to earn referrals, my referral count on my E-gold account has gone up to two! That brings my overall referral count up to three referrals since I started advertising, blogging, and earning referral credits on the web twelve days ago on May 21st.

I don't know how fast others get referrals, but I think for a newbie i'm doing okay- but I have to say that GetRef has really done most of the job in getting referrals for my programs :)

Check out the FAQ on E-gold at http://www.successinmyhomebusiness.blogspot.com/ !

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