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A woman that was on the news today left her 7 week old baby in the car, which was over 100 degrees.  She claims she has been under stress, and forget her newborn was in the car for the 25 minutes that her and her mother were in the grocery store.  She remembered when she saw the firetrucks outside and firemen brought a bundle inside the store.

Im not sure the outcome of that story....but it just reminded me of the two times I "forgot" my child. Weather it be to go to work, go in a store....or whatever....I dont see how anyone under any circumstances can forget, totally forget, thier child in the car for a long period of time.....

But I have done this....

I wanted to add my own "forget baby moments" bc they do happen(I hope to more then just me)......

She was like a week old. Me and my fiance went to the store with our baby. we were in this deep conversation about money (we were just approved for our apartment) anyway...We walked about 3 spaces and I realized neither one of us had the carrier....

She was about 7months. I had a really stressful morning with her and my fiance and just had a shitty night as Im driving to work, and I was suppose to drop her off at daycare.....well...I pulled into my work complex and realized...I still had a baby in the backseat! LOL

Im sure similar things have happened to everyone. What Im getting at is the woman who do forget for that long period of time..... I just dont understand...did they really truely forget or do they try to come up with ligetamite excuses to try to get out of it??

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 7:13 PM

I can give her the benefit of the doubt, but her AND her mother forgot the baby?? WTF?? Usually when there's 2 people, ONE of them remembers within minutes.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 2:42 PM Even if she met her mom at the store you would think that grandma to the baby would have questioned where her grandchild was...its kinda f-ed up if you totally think about it. But mistakes happen, but mistakes like that I dont see how they arnt corrected fast. I just cant see something like that totally slipping your mind...I just dont get it.

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