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The things that run through my head~

I am ready to give up & buy those huge diapers & in a few months I will have to switch to Depends but thats ok, I am sick of fighting with her, I have stress headaches all the time, she just doesn't want to be trained so whatever, pee your pants till your 30 for all I care, I AM DONE~

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:04 AM LMAO   that's funny...of course I shouldn't be laughing i'll be going thru that in a few months........well in a couple of years you can tell her she can't go to school until she starts using the potty LOL  hopefully you don't still have that problem by the time she's that old........make her wear regular underwear and those plastic coverings....she'll get tired of the feeling real quick.

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