Well my Dad and stepmom got divorced not so long ago. They had been together for 30 years. I kept a relationship with her and called and sent e-mails. I called her more then I called my Dad.  After awhile I felt like i was not as important to her. I had my 2nd child and told her I REALLY wanted her to come and visit to see her grandbabies. She said she would as soon as she could afford it. then i found out that she flew to my sister's house (her biological daughter) to go to her baby shower and I had been out to my sister's the week before (a 6 hour drive for me). Had they told me my stepmom was coming the next weekend I would have waited so I could have visited with her also and she could have seen my girls. Then she went and flew out to my sister's again a couple months later to be there for the birth of my sister's 2nd child. She had been there for the birth of her first child also. That i can understand I wish my mom could have been with me to. What really ticked me off was she could have come and seen me at some point, but choose not to. It really hurt. So I stopped writing calling, and sending pics of my family to my stepmom. I told my sister to NOT tell her how me or my family was doing, if she wanted to know she could call me. So my sister told her that the next time she asked about me. Well she got all pissed about it and said that she was only a part of my family as long as her and my father were married, I only kept in touch with her b/c she had been a link to my father and siblings, and I only invited her to my vow renewal to piss off my Dad. Now WHY on EARTH would I want the man who is walking me down the isle pissed off at me? That makes NO sense. Anyway she just lost a grip and said all sorts of horrible things about the kind of person she thought I was and how I only think about myself and what I can get from people. It was HORRIBLE!  When I asked her about coming to visit Rachel and not me she said Yes, I will put my children above anyone else. Given the choice to go visit my daughter, I will take that over anything everytime.

This woman was a part of my life for so long and now she is nothing to me. How sad is that. She couldn't see how much she truly meant to me and now she has ruined any chance of us ever speaking again! Luckily my children never really knew her. My 2nd DD never even saw her face and it had been so long since my 1st Daughter had seen her she has no clue who she is. 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:24 PM i am so sorry for  your loss that is just teribble to do that to you

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