OKay LKH will always come first but I have to read something while I wait for her books lol.

Kim Harrison- The Rachel Morgan's Novels (about a witch that is a bounty hunter living with a living vamp that is her partner in the hunting business alot with a pixy)

Patricia Briggs- The Mercedes Thompson's Novels (she is a native shapeshitter, that keeps getting herself involved with the local wolf pack and even some vamps)

Carrie Vaughn- The Kitty Norville's Novels (Kitty is a werewolf that is just trying to do her talk radio) its more of a comdy but later books I think take a turn for the more serious

Lilith Saintcrow- The Danny Valentine's Novels (she is a Necromance-for-hire and end up getting the worst client, the devil himself. She falls in love with the devils first born and they go on a crazy adventure) But it ends after 5 books, but those are some good 5 books.

Stepheine Meyer- I'm sure alot of you know her, she wrote the Twilight series that they have made into a movie. A teenage girl falling in love with a teenage Vamp. I read her book after seeing the preview for the movie and thought wow that looks good. The series I thought was pretty great, cant wait for the 4th and final book of that series to come out in August 2008.

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