Got up this morning knowing we were going to try and find a car.  dh rode his bike to work so I could take his car to dr. and then pick him up to go to the car lot.  Of course his car was on empty so I filled it up, stupid, $50 worth of gas, thinking that he was going to drive it to Zimtown this weekend and that he was going to sell it to dds boyfriend, well the car dealership gave us more than we expected for a trade in so they got a full tank of gas. bummer.

We were looking for a Pontiac Vibe, but ended up with a 2007 Chevy Malibu, it is just the basics no pretties with it, but it still has a warranty and it seems a little more solid than the Vibes.  Hopefully it was a good decision. 

I didn't have the title with us, so after deciding on a car, we went back into town had lunch while they did the paperwork. went back, signed the papers, I took dh back to work, went home found the title, and headed back to pick up the car, of course it was raining and the windshield wipers are broken but I got there by babying them. Picked up the car, went home and thought maybe I could get some rest because this cold is wearing me down, dr gave me some antibiotics and some nasal spray, hopefully that will help.. Anywho I get a phone call from hubby telling me his keys to his bike are in his leather jacket that I took home with me ( I brought his rain coat for him to wear since its been raining) so I had to run back into town again.  I am so tired.

Oh, and then a friend of dhs at work gave me some perennials, so I had to plant some of them, didn't get them all planted.

Some where in here I got a phone call from my sis saying moms surgery went well and that she is a good patient, they think the cancer was contained to her uterus, but we won't know for sure until the results come back, hopefully by Thurs.  so that is a good thing.

My dr,. informed me that I have the beginning stages of Cirrhosis of the liver, non alcohol related, but because of my higher cholesterol and being over weight.  and that if I don't start exercising and lose some weight I will more than likely need a liver transplant sometime in the future.  He is giving me six months to lose weight.  and if I don't I will have to be on more medication.  Now do you think I can get motivated to do this?  I sure hope so.  dh and I are going to join weight watchers again, and I will try to walk everyday,  have I ever mentioned how lazy I am?  I am sure I can do this, just wish it was easier.

Right now my dh and his friend are loading up my car to bring it to some one to fix it.  And here I thought my car was the more dependable one.  (we traded in my dhs car only because it is a piece of junk, where mine is still somewhat decent other than it decided to quit running.)

This all started because we are working on fixing our renters deck, well, what was suppose to be a fix, turned out to be a major repair.  We were going to tear off the old railing and replace it with those metal ones like we put on the front, well he started taking them off and found the whole thing is rotting.  So on Sat. nite he had to make a trip to Home Depot, using my Jeep and the trailer, he bought all the stuff, and on the way home the car just quit.  Thank goodness I just purchased AAA for our trip to TX, AAA towed him home on a big ole flatbed and pulled the trailer.   Hopefully the Jeeps problem is minor, we will find out soon I am sure.  Anyway it is best that this happened now instead of on my way to pick up my mom on Thurs, or on my way to their house from the hospital.

My house is a mess, I still need to pack for my moms, don't know what to bring, can't decide if I should bring food with, or if they will have enough stuff to make some meals, because there is not a grocery store withing 40 miles of them.

I have to work tomorrow, and I am just so tired and sick, and sick and tired. LOL

Thanks for your prayers for my mom ladies, I know prayer works, I have seen it so many times, now just keep praying the results come back cancer free..

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:40 AM Wow, you sound totally overwhelmed with everything going on!  Hope you can find a minute to yourself just to relax (it sounds good anyway).  Try to take it easy, and yes we'll keep praying for you and your family!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:38 PM Boy when it rains, it pours!  Praying for your mom and hoping things get better.

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 9:19 AM

Holy cow, woman! You've got a lot of stress going on.

And in the middle of it all, I see "beginning stages of...". I have a story for you. My brother-in-law has cirrohsis of the liver (alcohol related). About 2 years ago, he was awful. It was so bad that he was retaining fluids in his stomach that had to be drained weekly and his pallor was....scary. I really, at the time, thought it was the end. That's how gray his pallor was. With that being said, he's done such a turn-around. He still has problems, but he's followed the doctors orders pretty well (with harrassment from my sis of course-lol) The most perplexing thing to me was that when he went to Philly for tests to see if he was eligible for a transplant, they told him no. NO? No. They felt with regular medical supervision, he could hopefully rejuvenate much of his liver. And thank God it worked. He's still got portions damaged beyond repair, but doing so much better. What a morbid story to tell you. And I don't know if this would apply to your case, but it's worth asking about. What I want to say at the end is YOU CAN DO IT, LORI!!! You've got such great incentives...your kids, hubby and parents who need you. Not to mention all your CafeMom friends who adore you! You can do it!

So glad to hear your mom got through the surgery okay. Hope your little trip goes well. Maybe you should stop at the grocery store on the way there. 40 miles! That way, even if they have enough food, there will just be more of it. But if they don't have enough, you'll have to go back out!

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 9:19 AM Holy cow! I should have just pm'd you!

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