I don't feel good today. I've been feeling kinda almost sickish for several days, but I was attributing it to allergies. Scratchy throat, burning eyes, headachy… Today I think it's not allergies. I think I'm sick. Can I call in sick? Do I get paid sick days with this job?

I know what would happen if I tried to take a sick day. LOL! Everybody would try to "help" me, including the cats and the dog! My family is so sweet…but they don't give me much peace. I have to give my darling husband credit – while I was helping my mom this morning, he got the clean sheets (wonderful 400-thread-count sheets!) out of the dryer and made the bed! Yay! He had a feeling that I wasn't going to feel like making the bed today because I was already feeling droopy and headachy, so he did one of my chores for me. I have a wonderful hubby!




This is the last week of school. They are sure not doing much in school this week…which is actually a relief to me – I don't have to remind anyone to get homework done. There is no homework! I'm also looking forward to not having the chaotic hubbub that is generated by getting 7 kids ready to go in the morning. We will still have to do it some days – we'll have therapies with 2 of them on 2 days each week, and I want them dressed for church – but 5 days a week when we can just get up and play will be so nice! And we will be doing some camping – REALLY! (It hasn't worked out yet, but we WILL be going!) 

I have a new sanctuary! (Oh, by the way, Mom…I'm claiming your space!) I have a new place to run for refuge from chaos and insanity! My mom's house has come together so nicely, and she has made it soooooo comfortable… I've already hidden out there a time or two. It's amazingly quiet at her house!

(Could that be because she doesn't have 7 kids there?) She's not quite done with this living room, but I already love just plopping into that blue wingback chair and enjoying a cup of coffee.

Today is the start of a new 8-week challenge at eDiets. I love the challenges – they keep me on track with my weight loss goals. I didn't stick with it very well for the last one, but I'm going to be faithful to the plan this time so I can get to my goal…I'm sooooo close!

I get to go to bed soon. Ken will be home from baseball and soccer in about an hour and a half…then he can get kids in bed, and I can go fall into my freshly made bed (with the wonderful 400-thread-count sheets!).

I haven't gotten to see any of Fancy's soccer games this year (bummer!) and only a couple of Andrew's baseball games (sniff, sniff), but I'm thankful that the sports are almost over for the season. Our lives have been run by baseball, baseball, and soccer schedules for the last 6+ weeks (2 boys in baseball). Whew! I will soon get to make my own schedule! (sorta)

Okay…I'm going to see how this works from Word 2007, and then I'm going to go read my book and occasionally look out the window at the kids until Ken gets home and I can go to bed. Thanks for stopping by!

(The purple parts are my blessings…I decided not to just list them this time.)

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:23 PM The formatting got all weirded during the copy/paste from Blogger. Oh well.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:15 PM AWWW! it good to see you and KEN in pic! Mom have sooooo NICE living room.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:00 AM

I hope that you feel better soon. And that you are able to get the much needed and deserved rest......Love your mom's living room!!!! (I wish my mom was still here for me to run to for a cupof coffee and moment of quiet!! You are Blessed to have that!)

I hope that you guys get to go camping too. We want to go also......

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:43 AM Hee, hee!  I would have put the words "wonderful 400 thread-count sheets" in purple as well!  They sound like a blessing!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:20 PM Wow! I LOVE the shot of you and Ken, and I LOVE the way your moms house looks now! How neat! So sorry you are feeling bad! Have a good rest in those wonderful 400 thread count sheets, LOL!

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 6:06 PM

Oh, Elli! I LOVE that pic of you and your hubby!! What a lovely couple!!! I'm totally digging your mom's pad, too -- how cool to get to decorate your own space and know it will stay clean, eh? LOL!! I feel ya on the mixed emotions of the end of the school year.... hehe... we go from mandated schedule to making our own schedule for the kiddos -- both good and bad, LOL! Oh, and I am SOO proud of how you're rocking your weight loss goal! You GO, girl!!!

Anyhoo, hope you feel better soon, Girlfriend! You're gonna need the energy to greet the new season!

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Jun. 7, 2008 at 4:51 PM

Oh you're so sweet! I love you! I love Grandma's new living room! And what a cute dog! Does she still have ALL her dogs?? Hope you get to feeling better!

Oh and I just snagged that image of you and Ken! hehe ...  

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