What is it with all these kids running to join the military?  Don't get me wrong... at ALL!  I am sooo proud of my Army son and my soon to be Army Son!  (#2 is at the recruiter's right now.) 

Some of the kids I know are NOT the ones you would have picked to join up... A few kids I know who are in or about to go in... are... well "OUT" if you catch my drift... So that makes me wonder WHY they would pick a profession where they would have to hide who they are. 

My oldest joined up at 18, with a step son and a wife to care for, and another baby on the way, it made sense.  My 2nd son is now 20 and in need of some direction, and a steady job, insurance, and a place to live on his own...  (Oh and neither of them are gay btw... so there goes the "Gay parents make gay kids" argument out the window.  The gay kids I know have str8 parents! LOL)

Then I know 3 other kids who either just joined or are about to.  They KNOW there is a war... is that an appealing thing for these boys and girls?  Or are they more like my sons, either need the security, or the direction...

 Is it that the recruiters are REALLY doing their jobs well, because they need people so badly?

What is it?  My generation barely joined up...  And now I know TONS of kids in the military, the Army in particular!   Hmmmmmm  I'm perplexed.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:34 PM Well my Fiance left for BMT today :( and in my area there isnt to much to do and I guess they look at it as you can walk up and down the streets in our neighborhood and get killed so its basically the same risk just when ur in the military you get paid and if something was to ever happen ur family is taken care of..Im not sure what maybe the reason in your area but my city is rough so thats the reason alot of people around here join

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:39 PM

For me when i joined it was easy. Just work, i didnt have to worry about tests or money for college, or even staying with my parents. It was a quick fix for me to get out of my home town and not go into debt or worry about failing out of school. I think a few people are probably like that. But with the way our country is running too no matter what happened the military will always be here and will always be paid so there is definently a sence of security about it. The war part of it, well depending on what branch they are joining depends on the severity of their choice to join. War is very glorified also in America, the ultimate sacrafice, the beautiful funeral and the money your family gets when you die. You died doing some thing others dont have the courage to do or had the money to go to college, lol! I just think that war is not such a threat any more, with the election coming up and promises of wrapping it up over there, there is no need for fear - as it appears. ;)

Any how i did my four and got out, my husband is still active duty and truly he has a college education but what keeps him in right now other than he loves his job is the security. We have a fantastic life with him in the military. I got out because they sent us both over seas as the same time when my daughter was 12 months old. 7 people volunteered to go in my spot, i turned down and re-enlistment bonus of 38,000.00 and dont regret the decision to get out. One of us needed to be home to raise our child. lol!

Any how congrats to you for another child thinking about his future and considering our country. And thank you for the sacrafices your family makes for us and the rest of America and the world. *HUGS*

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:42 PM I can't speak for everyone but I know some join because the get assistance for college and/or they want to do something important. Those are the reasons my ex joined.

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