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Please HELP!  My 6 month old baby has learned to roll over both ways (front to back and back to front) 3 weeks ago. He has been rolling over to his tummy in his crib during naps & in the middle of the night and get stuck and started crying; 3-4 times each night. He can roll over on the mat and in his crib when playing but when it comes to sleeping; he just get stuck and don’t know how to roll back but keep crying for help. Once I flipped him back to his back, he started crying and refused to go back to sleep. I have tried putting him in a positioner but he got too strong and rolled over them.  Also allowed him to sleep on his tummy, after getting so tired trying to flip him back, but after an hour later he woke up and started crying because he got stuck on his tummy and can’t get back to his back.  My husband and I are so tired and desperately need sleep. If you have this experience, please provide any suggestions………

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:46 PM Yuch..I remember this well.  My middle daughter had the same problem, and I would keep going in her room and flipping her back over.  Nothing you can do, they eventually just grow out of it and learn to roll over by themselves in the crib.  In the meantime, just keep checking on him.  I know this is not much help, there is just not too much you can do.  Good luck :)

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