So  I moved this weekend and I'm tired as hell but I had more work ahead of me than I thought. I had to change over all my utilities and start a few new ones as I have moved from an apartment to a house. This was not fun! I had to call every 800 number under the sun and all I want to know is what happened to all the live people? Why is it that I had to talk to a computer voice instead of a live person? The PC voice was horrible. I tried to give it my address but it said it didn't understand my answer then when I tried to push 0 for a live person it disconnected me! And that was only after the PC voice couldn't understand me the 7 times I tried to give it my address. Then I tried the electric company next. This time I started by pushing the help option first but  EVEN THAT WAS AUTOMATED! What the hell happened to the real people??? I just wanted a live person but apparently that was way to much to ask! So I thought I would outsmart the system and change the gas over online but again that was a bad idea. I completed all the info and it said my request was accepted however it was not meant to be. I checked my email a couple hours later and I received an automated email stating that my request could not be completed due to incorrect info!? Huh but it said it was accepted. So I call yet another 800 number and again I get a computer. I spent  4 hrs 25 min trying to fix everything.  I just wish I could have gotten a live person the first time I called. I SAY BRING BACK LIVE PEOPLE TO ANSWEAR 800 NUMBERS!!  Thanks for reading this I just needed to vent.

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