Jennifer is white or fair and Lynn is waterfall or cascade. and if I remember right, Jennifer is Welsh.  Yep, I'm pretty fair complected too. My maiden name is Doughty which is gaelic. it's also in the dictionary as brave, valiant. 


Ok, I thought I should add somethings to this post due to my comments.  I have pulled up 3 random baby name sights just to see what they have to say about the meaning of my name.

The first was  jennifer is english for fair phantom or white wave.  Cornish form of the welsh name Gwynhwfar.   Lynn is celtic/Gaelic that means "from the lake".   Morgan is Welsh for "Great Circle"

The next was  Jennifer is Welsh for "white spirit"  Lynn is English for "Cascade" and Morgan is Celtic for "from the sea" was cornish for white, fair

So, my point for adding this is because I've just proved that with 3 different sites I have come up with similar words but different variations.  I'm not adding this to be snotty. In middle school we were given


a book with the assignment of finding the orgin of our names, so for the longest time this is what my name has meant to me.  I didn't mean that I am a fair complected welsh person.  Again, not being snotty just clarifying a few things. 



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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:07 PM

Thats interesting because my 1st name is Jennifer and Lynn is my middle name. But I am a fair Italian.LOL

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:17 PM my name is jennifer lynn and i am a dark norwegian.  jennifer means gentle spirit and/or white phantom

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