It's finally happened! We bought our first house. I'm dreading the move though, but most of all how do I make this transition easiest for our 13 month old? She's a great sleeper now, but I worry this will all change in the new house. Im also concerned that she will be upset with the new environment. Any suggestions? Please!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:13 PM I did the same thing with TWO toddlers two years ago.  My oldest was 2 1/2 years old and my youngest was 15 months.  We had to do a double move since our house sold before we found a new one.  So ... we actually moved twice within 4 months.  We took both kids to the house 3 times (the people were really understanding in the new house and the owner of the rental was just as great) about a week apart and showed them their new rooms and talked about it constantly.  My youngest wasn't really effected by it and we made it exciting ... decorated his room literally the day we moved in with a construction theme, which he picked out.  For my youngest, we made sure to have all the same things in his room... curtains, pictures, the rocker etc and had his crib set up and the bedding all the same ready for that night.  We made it as exciting as possible and had really no problems at all.  Another thing that helped was that we also showed them where our room was and that we would be right there.  Good luck !!

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