So, we're down to 6 days left until the wedding. I still have to hem Doug's pants, make the runners for the centerpieces, redo the bouquets, verify that the cake will be ready (since the woman making it has been sick), buy a body suit sort of thing to help keep my "love handles" in check, try to keep Douglas on his routine so he doesn't get stressed out too much, finish planning the honeymoon, try to get in touch with visiting family, and plan out the reception so the DJ knows when to shut the music off etc. And this all with an 8 month old baby in my care 24/7.. Oh! And I forgot...the person making my music cds with specific songs on them fell through..I have to find all the music for the ceremony and reception and make sure the DJ has enough music to play through the thing... I need some love and support from my mommy friends! Send a breath my way when you get a chance...


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