It's hard to believe after all the waiting, these long summer days and short nights will all start to reverse in a few weeks.  It was always hard to fall asleep when it was still light out when I was a kid.  I would lay across my bed and stick my head out the window, peering through the screen listening to crickets.  Counting endless flashes from fireflies, although we actually called them lightening bugs and still do here in Ohio.  I loved to run in the dark in bare feet.  I thought I was truely faster at night in bare feet.  Playing kick the can and freeze tag never got old.  Fireworks and sparklers and all the cheap thrills of childhood are fresh in my mind.  I hope my kids have as great a childhood as I did.  We didn't have a lot of money, and for that reason, I think making do with old bikes and pretend horses made us appreciate what we now have and gave us the skills for being resourceful.  What I wouldn't give for one more summer evening back in 1975. 

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