I'm a stay at home Mommy and Love it. My family just moved down to Cordova, TN two months ago. I use to watch a little boy back home, then we had to move.

I am Red Cross Certified and a trust worthy person. If you need references they are here at request. I don't ask much for money, because I know the way the world is today. I only charge 25 dollars a day if you don't proved the food, and 20 dollars a day if you do.

I have a little girl named Brookelyn. She going to be turning 2 in 3wks and she needs a play friend. Currently I'm leaving in a APT, but there is plenty of room to run. We would to the park or the playground that is here at the Registry. Any maybe when its not to hot out we would visit the ZOO.

Anyone interested should definitly email me!!!!

Thanks for you time!!

Kimberly Lindert

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