I saw this interesting article and thought I would share. It gives a different perspective on a procedure that has been desensitized in this nation.  No matter what your stance is you should be able appreciate Anthony's experiences.



Quotes from article:

"As a doctor, you know that these are children; you know that these are human beings with arms and legs and heads and they move around and they are very active. But you get reminded -- every time you put that scanner down on somebody's uterus -- you are reminded. Because you see the children in there -- hearts beating, arms flinging."

"When the abortionist finishes a suction D & C, he has to open a little suction bag and he has to literally reassemble the child. He has to do that because he wants to make sure he didn't leave anything behind."

"I remember getting called down to my chairman's office because a young lady that I had done an abortion on showed up, and the abortion had been incomplete. I had not done my job right, and she passed an arm or a leg and she freaked out because she didn't realize what had happened."

"We started desperately looking for a baby to adopt, and I was throwing them in the garbage at the rate of nine and ten a week. It even occurred to me then: I wish one of these people would just let me have their child. But it doesn't work that way."

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:30 PM

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