Okay, so I'm a big history nerd...but mostly in visual form.  We love watching the History Channel and I was surprised to see there weren't any groups for this, so I formed one.  Please feel free to drop in and join.  Talk about your favorite episodes, etc.

Here's the link: History Channel Addicts

What's YOUR favorite history show?  What is your history obsession?

My favorite show on the History Channel is Ice Road Truckers whose premier is this week!  I'm also obsessed with Lizzie Borden and apparently I must have just missed a good episode about this.

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 6:01 PM It's a shame they don't let guys into some of these groups because my son Dan is the wizard of all things history. I swear he's obsessed and knows just about everything. He almost got himself tossed out of one class because he kept proving his college professor wrong : /  Don't know where he got that damn stubborn streak from LOL!

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