so i am a usmc wife, my husband just got deployed for the 3rd time on may 4th...our 2nd deployment together. it sucks so much not having him here. he was gone and miss our 1st sons birth and now he will miss our 2nd as well. i hate it. having to say goodbye to him that day was the worst feeling ever. not only was it heartbreaking for me, but our son who is very attached to him...he had to leave too. i cant wait for this to be over come this winter. homecoming is the best feeling in the world. i know i chose the life i have, but that dont mean i cant be sad still ya know. i have had to do so much in the past 2 yrs on my own, giving birth being the hardest...then there is all the finances and keeping things together on the home front...and tryin to keep my sanity. its hard when you hear horror stories of husbands cheating on their wives when they go over seas...and wives cheating on their husbands when they deploy. its hard not to think about when you hear thngs like that alot...even though i trust my husband with all my heart. i know he has more respect for me, our marriage and our family than to do some stupid crap like that.

its just hard to keep composure, being pregnant and already emotional enough, but having all this added "stress"...stinks alot!


just wanted to vent...thanks for listening.



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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:33 PM

Do your best to take good care of you and your baby.  CUTE PIC in your avatar!

My kids dad leaves in July.  For the 3rd time.  He is ANG.  I get it. I really do.



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