Question: Have you ever had any pool side accidents with your kids? (I've never done a poll before, but I want to know I'm not alone. Thanks)!


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I  don't even know where to begin...

Yesterday was the first time my family got into the pool at my complex. I had just bought myself and the kids swimsuits, our friends from church and their daughter  was over, a good thing right? We were having a good time, I was trying to bond with my stepdaughter (she was utterly afraid of the water and I wanted my husband to leave her to me (she's 5, but maybe if she can learn to trust me we'll have a better relationship). My daughter (5) had floaters on her arms since she can't swim, so with all us out there she takes off the floaters so she can learn how to doggy paddle (my husband, my friend from church, her husband and daughter were all with my daughter while she was learning- cheering her on b/c she was doing a good job, I was on the shallow end with my son and stepdaughter).  Now at some point, my daughter got out of the pool to do what she saw her friend doing- jumping into the pool from the side. Remember she didn't have floaters on anymore, so when I saw her do this I had to grab her from under the water, and I told her that if she wants to do this she'll have to put the floaters back on AND make sure an adult is nearby.

She didn't listen. Maybe not even 10 minutes later I see my husband (who at that point was holding our son and near her) running through the water toward the stairs with my son in one arm and her in the other. At first, I thought someone had pooped in the water, maybe peed.

As my husband was flying out the water I saw my daughters mouth- IT WAS BLUE; SHE HAD BEEN DROWNING. What I saw was not my daughter. It's hard to even type this. My hands are shaking. I stood in shock as I watched my husband give CPR to my daughter. It felt like I had been sucked into a vaccuum. All I could manage to say was "she's drowning." That's when our friends knew what was happening. After 2 cycles of CPR she spit out the water.

I couldn't even grasp the reality that my daughter had just drowned, nearly fatal as I watched. The grace of God and the favor of the Lord was with my family.

I just wanted to share because I thought this would never happen to us, to me. And "accidents" do happen, even when you're nearby. So watch your children like a hawk (lol). Now I've instilled the buddy system. And, my courageous daughter (who knows that she's only to fear the Lord) wants to swim again, actually she wanted to swim today. Thanks for listening!



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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:51 PM The Lord gave her a second chance at LIFE. Be thankful and it's a good testimony to share. I hope she learned her lesson and it's a good thing it didnt stop her from conquering the water again. Maybe she'll be the star swimmer for the Olympics. =)

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Jun. 10, 2008 at 6:03 PM whoa thats so crazy! yes alot if us live thinking that accidents will pass us,that was nobody but the good lord in her favor and your will of blessing!my heart dropped reading this i can only imagine how you felt god bless you!!

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