I completely hate when people are inconsiderate of others,for example the boy scout leader/troop.

Monday is boy scout night.
With husband working mids this falls to me the most wonderful step-mom in the world.

Husband told me that the meeting was from 6:30PM until 7:30PM

A few weeks ago we arrived at 6:30PM
and waited, and waited then waited some more.

The troop leader arrived about 10 mins until 7 and the meeting went until 830PM

I think OK its a fluke, these things happen.

Flash forward and it happens again
and then this week, again.

I asked one of the co-leaders what time is scouts supposed to run each week.
She tells me 645PM until 8PM.

I thought great, I will be back at 8PM after doing the weeks worth of grocery shopping.

I got back to the hall at 8PM
and waited and waited and waited, 830PM Minion was done.

I think next week I will give the leader the food bill and ask to be reimbursed for the food that was ruined / melted in my car.

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