Wow ! I cant believe this happened.  I am counting my lucky stars and thank god

for looking down on us.   You hear horror stories all the time about kids getting hit

by cars. Well, I pulled into my street and my neighbors grandson was riding his bike and he was

behind a van and pulled out infront of me.  I jammed on my brakes so hard. OMG thank god

I turned the wheel and he pulled back to the side. I DID NOT HIT HIM !.  I did not know he was there.

Oh it scared the heck out of me and him.  I was shaking.  It scared him.  He is fine.  Thank God. I wasnt going fast. I was one house away from my driveway.  He is 7 years old.  I made sure he was ok and went right over to the house and told his grandmother who just walked out to see where he was.  No one was watching him.

 Thank God nothing happend.

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