Calling all Cafemom Momma's!!!

I have spent countless hours infront of my computer screen pouring over seemingly the same information over and over again. I am trying to plan a little getaway to Savannah, GA this 4th of July. 


My brother and I got the idea to go to this location after viewing the Travel Channel's Most Haunted Places segment. Savannah, GA being named America's most haunted city in America. 


SOOOO...I have booked a couple Haunted B&Bs and now I need to know what else their is to do! We only have two days girls!!! I need help!

Any good suggestions out there? 



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Jun. 6, 2008 at 10:06 AM

Some friend and I made a trip to Savannah about three years ago.  We also visited Tybee Island.  Just to warn you, if it is still as it was then, everything on the island closes around 9:00 pm.  There is an awesome little pizza joint on the island, but I can't remember what it was called.  We just discovered it becasue it was the only thing open late at night. LOL River Street is really neat.  Lots of little shops, restaurants and things.  We were only there for a bout three-four days, so I can't be that much help.

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