Mondays are long days.. Today just seemed to suck even more..Every single person that walked through the front door at work was impatient and/or rude to me..and they just seem to think that regardless of how busy I am and how much I have to get done..they are number one in my book so I should drop everything to serve them! I am the only one at work who isn't scared to tell someone off.. probably not a good thing..but my boss is awesome and usually laughs at it=] I guess I got lucky when I got hired!!
And then today I found out that the Board of Pharmacy failed to process my certification because I got married 2 weeks before I took my test to become when I took my test I had a new last name..and it created all this confusion we worked least thats what I certification has to start all over again and if its not done before the first of July (when i go on maternity leave) I might not be able to come back to work because I wont be certified..Oregon's new law is that to work as a pharmacy tech you must be certified by August 30..otherwise you CANNOT work (legally). I wont be back till I'm a little unhappy today..
I'm just so tired and I wish it was July so I didn't have to work full time anymore..Im ready for my baby to be here..I just want to hold her and kiss her..i dont wanna deal with all the people who come in smelling of cigarettes and alcohol (at all times of the day its amazing). they make me wanna gag and I have to hold my breath just to help them! Its very hard sometimes..
My husband is going to the Academy sometime in the next year and he will be gone for 4 months..he does get to come home for the weekend..but its a 3 hour drive from where we live and I just don't know how to prepare for him to leave..I can barely find things to do on Saturdays while he is working..I hate being away from him especially at night..when he isnt home I don't have anyone to complain to about all my irritatings customers during the day=] I just don't know what to do..I know when he leaves I will have a daughter to keep me company..but a baby compared to a husband just wont match up..I'm gonna miss him...

ah man idk anymore right now..maybe I'll take a nap??

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