I know everyone has had this sometime in there life. But for the last few days thinking of things i relized its time to clean up the fake people out of my life. Friday will be 10 years since i graduated. And thats what got me thinkin. I love that some people can say tht they are a friend to u but thats a joke. They call when they have something to complain bout but thats it. If they hang around other people they put u on the back burner. I dont see why they just cant tell u to go to hell lol. But i dont let it bother me anymore. I come to relize that they werent a friend at all. And its been that way with family to. Id rather hang with my kids then people anymore. Jeff thinks im being harsh but thats the way it has to be sometimes in ur life. Its funny how they cant call or hang out anymore but then u hear they are always hanging with others. But i decided thats it im not gonna take it u dont want to talk or hang out then we are not friends and dont need to act like it. Its sad not saying its not but u gotta do what u gotta do. Im 30 weeks pregnant and have two other kids to take care of. I have a awsome husband who i do stuff with. But i wish i could find some people from school its like they disapeared. Well that enough for now this is goin on my myspace blog to

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