I stopped working over 2 years ago and I feel as though I'm more busy now than before! Does anyone else feel this way? As a teacher for over 4 years and a mom of two (at the time), life was chaotic but manageable. Like most teachers, I brought work home which made it difficult to concentrate on my kids and their homework and activities. Often I brought papers to grade while at karate or swimming but everything got done with no enormous pressure on me. But now, whoa! I am a stay-at-home working mom with a new baby boy (7 months) and I literally feel like my head is spinning. During the day I try to keep up with the laundry, the groceries, and the dishes but fail miserably. My lil' one (we'll call him lil' rock), is just now getting the hang of keeping his food down (that's a whole other blog) and is just now finding his groove with eating, napping, and playing. Now that he's in a happy place, I am trying to focus more on my business but since it's coming in third, it's hard to find the energy to promote my dream.

Is it the 3 kids which makes life so hectic, my dabble in my own business, or my desire to be the "good mom & wife" who has dinner ready, dishes clean, and laundry folded? Perhaps, it's trying to do all three. What's the solution? Cut the kid activities? Drop the business? Give up on the image of the "perfect home"? That seems like the best solution but only if everyone else does.

Share your thoughts and suggestions for managing your family and career.

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