This is a group for cafe moms and home based business consultants.
We have weekly parties where consultants from different companies will present thier company in the group chat room. You can look at there website while they tell you about thier company and products. You can purchase things right off thier website. No putting high priced gas in the car and no screaming kids .

Just because you join the group does not mean you are obligqated to buy anything, just join a party  when you can and check out some great deals right from home in your pj's.

*****There will be no bashing of any reps or cafemom's in this group! If you do you will be removed from the group, this will not be allowed for any reason*******

Now with all of this said, I started this group so that it would get Cafemom's great deals on the products that they love. Because I don't know about you but I love getting a great deal and I know you do as well. So come to chat room party to see what deals you find. I'm sure there is something for everyone! So lets get this party started!

Check the weekly group post for party days and consultants presenting

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