AARRRGGHHH...lol...I have insomnia...WHY?? I think I have narrowed it down to R&R. It's right around the corner..so close I can smell him...LOL!!!
I have NEVER had a problem with sleeping...except the occasional aches and pains! I am sooo afraid that I am gonna be exhausted by the time he comes home...but then again I don't think I will. I have a lot of energy, I 'm just frustrated about not sleeping well. A few weeks before I was all giddy and crazy..excited!! I still am but it's progressed into something serious...HAHAHA I'm still excited and giddy and I wanna scream as each day turns into night. Hubby is excited...he just wants to get home and relax..I'm planning a surprise bbq after the 4th once he gets some rest and we just 'chill'....so I'm planning friends from out off town, family from out of town...we're using his parents home to bbq at since it's the biggest! And then decorations...as I write this I realize that, that could be a problem too..I'm doing too much and expecting too much and stressing a little about having everything perfect and how we're gonna pull this off. I know nothing is perfect and just spending this time together and spending it with his family and friends is the ONLY important thing..I'm a bit OCD and a bit of perfectionist....oh well. I'm wondering if I should take ambien or something...I don't like medication at all!!! So I'm leary about it PLUS our son sleeps with us and I don't like not having control of waking up or anything....has anyone else had this problem? GEEZ....lol...I feel like a little kid at Christmas or the day before their birthday!! But it's not tomorrow. We've been apart for months at a time before....but somehow this is different. Maybe bc it's a 15 month deployment, and this is half way...and I know he's going back? Maybe bc I just miss us, I miss my family..and I know that our son will be just relieved and excited to be Daddy's boy again. I can't wait to see them together....I may cry....good grief and I'm not a weepy person...ah....home sweet home....it'll feel good to be together again.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 9:01 AM GOODNESS GRACIOUS!! Reading that made me all pumped up hahaha. You should be a motivational speaker lol!! SLOOOOWWWWWWW DOWN and relax!! :)

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