The sk challenge worked out great, I started at the weight of 174lbs. I got off 5lbs and went down 2" in my waist. i also have been walking 2 miles everyday for exercise. once the special k 2weeks were up i continued an additional week but was quickly gaining but i wasn't having that. I started doing my own diet but still continued to eat 6 times a day small meals total 150-200cals. with my last meal total 350cals. making sure I eat an overall total of 1200 cals a day.

i started to plateau between 170-168lbs (very annoying) started to feel down because i have been trying very hard. Then Wii fit debut and i was excited and got motivated again. i have been working out with wil fit everyday except for 3days away of vacation ( i still workout just without the will fit) and i have got down to 165lbs! My waist in getting very tone but problem area is my legs and they look the same but I know I have be more patient with that area.

I'm starting to get nervous because I have already unlocked all the workouts on my wii fit and hope that I keep up with my motivation until i get all my weight off.


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:18 PM


 I'm struggling with weight problems right now... but it's mostly from bad eating habits I can't get away from...

Keep with it! It's all worth it in the end!

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