okay jaeda is about to be 14 months in about 4 days and i think its time to really potty train her and get it done with. i've introduced her to her own little peepee chair and she will go when shes on it but sometimes she just wont. you know this is my first so i really dont know how to do this. my mom keeps tryin to do everything and basically act like my daughters hers but i wanna be the one to do it, if you know what i mean.

now 'mora (jaeda) takes her pamper off and runs around the house. i put a panty over her pamper and it will stay on but for some reason when i dont the pamper she pulls right off. i honestly thought teething was hard but i think i'm still in for a surprise.  she picks up on things real fast so i really hope that this will be easy and not too hard.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:21 PM have you tried showing her things like how BIG PEOPLE go pee pee in the big potty? my son is 15 months and he isnt ready yet but i tell him i have to pee pee and he follows me to the bathroom, watches me, and then flushes the toilet for me. its a start!

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