Well, today's theme is the meaning of your name so I did the meaning of the girls names, since I didn't really know what they were I had to search them online.... and learned a little something. 

 Rowan: Means "little red one", derived from Gaelic ruadh "red" combined with a diminutive suffix. This name can also be given in reference to the tree.          This is actually quite funny, because I begged and pleaded to name my third daughter Tree, with no luck from my hubby.  So it looks like I got my little tree after all :)

Rainey: I wasn't able to find this name anywhere, although most people equate it with it is "rainy" outside, Rainey is actually short for Loraine, which we should have just named her, but for some reason we wanted the whole R & R twin thing. 

Petula: A recent coinage, perhaps derived from Late Latin petulare "to ask".       Petula was born in May and I really wanted to give her a flower name, but not something common.  I actually found this name in a name book as a cross between tulip and petunia when I was like 4 months pregnant.  My husband didn't like this one either, but I just called her Petula the whole time  I was pregnant, and since he wouldn't let me name her Tree... I won LOL.  Actually we were going to name her Ryder Star Petula Grace Morgan, we stuck with this until right at the end, it even says on our calendar on her due date WELCOME Ryder Star......but then we would have Rowan, Rainey, and Ryder, and it just sounded kind of corny with all the R's :)

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Jun. 10, 2008 at 9:50 AM I never knew that about your girls names. I love to find out new stuff about you. You are such a cool chick!

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