I feel so lost!  I used to live on here...the support of the woman I have met have gotten me through so many sleepless nights!  Kately though its the stress that has kept me away, both food and bad stress!  Kieran (now 4 mo) is going to be gettting tubes on the 13th.  He is in the 99th% for height, weight and head size!  He is in 12 mo clothes.  I have been driving myself nuts trying to make everything perfect.  I am doing daycare for a 2 year old and a 7mo old, and Skyler will join us in 3 days when he graduates kindergarten!  My babies are getting so smart and big!  I love my cloth diapers so I am trying to make them to sell them so others can also love them!  Vixay (my dh) is possibly getting a higher possition in his company, however he got excited when I told him I want to move out to oregon or washington for a few years to get away from the drama of our family.  I am bound and determined to get back to my high school weight;  I keep saying tomorrow I am going to work out...anyone want to motivate each other?  Well that's what I've been up to...well kinda.  TTYL I hope!  I need motivation to get back on here and take time for myelf!



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Jun. 4, 2008 at 9:59 PM

Of course we will take you back!! ;D You sure have a full plate right now, don't you! I wish you good luck with everything. You are such a sweet person and friend. And heck yes, you need to move closer to the pacific northwest! That would be awesome.

Btw, I'll be your workout buddy! We can motivate each other :)


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