Today has been such a great day.  It's easy to step back and complain and get angry when things don't always go our way, but how often do we just step back and tell God thank you on days when everything went just fine.  I got up this morning, thank you God!  I took my kids to swim team practice and they worked hard and had fun and no one got hurt, thank you God.  I am a school bus driver part time and today was the firts day of summer school.  All of the kids got to school ok and were taken home safely, THANK YOU GOD!  I enjoyed a dinner with family tonight, thank you God.  I got to go watch my daughters softball game AND she got the game ball tonight, thank you God.  We came  home the kids got ready for bed I kissed them goodnight and told them that I loved them, we said bedtime prayers and they went to bed.  Thank you God for blessing me today, IT WAS A GOOD DAY,  I wish I appreciated days like this more.

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