So I went and got my hair highlighted and Cut... I love it... Alyssa @ salon alexis is the Only Hair stylest who has not fucked up on my hair .... =D Super pleased... Nick Paid for it and It was what I wanted for my birthday and I got it earlie!!! YEY

Went to New London and Spent time with nicks Parents and Then went to his Cuz chris's graduation party... It was interesting Due to a devorse that was going on within the family and Of couse ppl are all into it when it really has nothing to do with them... or Like i really mean go off on something they know nothing about... But Nicks mom Handled it great and We went back to the house and Nick and her got another Mikes hard lemonaid... SHes so cute. She bought a bunch of baby stuff for at there house like a swing,bouncer,gate, and a stroller as a gift to baby thomas... shes bringing it down on the 14th (my baby shower) and what not.... Super excited to see everyone.

Nicks brother wants to be a Godparent to Thomas... We thought he didnt really want to be but that was more so Ben... LOL we all know he doesnt want to be... his comment was .."if you want him to come out NORMAL then its a NO lol(chuckle)"
Its all good tho ...
So far its Jackie and Brandon out of our CLose close friends that are like Family and out of family its my Sister Ashley and Nicks Brother Mark... I know some people are like 4 Godparents... but these people mean the world to Nick and I and there 2 firends and 2 family members ... so... Its our choice and We feel its the best thing for Thomas to have such great Loved ones looking out for him and helping him threw life and all its troubles and Rewards along with the other wonderful people he will have in his life ... Specially if something happens to Nick and I ... (pray nothing does of couse) but if it was possible we would have like 50 ppl be his godparents We would... =D

Im getting so Big... 36 weeks this Friday/Saturday... One month to go... Whoot whoot... Im getting so antzy waiting for him and getting everything ready... TMI I know but I think I lost some of my Mucus PLug This weekend... so I made an appointment to see the OBGYN since my Midwife is on vecation untill next week and what not... she said that If i have any questions or if anything changes with how I feel or with my body to make an appointment with the other Doc. So ... we will see if my cervix has changed or anything and to see how Thomas is...
Ill post if anything has changed... =D

well Its raining outside and Nicks not able to work today Unless it stops for a good amount of time and maybe they will go set up a job at least so its ready for pouring... But Im thinking of going to get his lazy butt up and see if his hungry... Ill be on later Prolly...

<3 Amanda




 So I made an appointment for today to get checked my shawn (other OBGYN at broadway)
Since my Midwife is on vecation untill next week somtime... and I DID lose my plug... and I am 1cm Dialated and 25% defaced I
had an Ultrasound and Hes about 5 lbs 3 oz but she thinks hes A little bigger then that and that its hard to Weigh the head and what not... and She thinks that If I go all the way to my Due date He will be about 7.5 lbs...
It was so Exciting... we got some pictures and we will try and get those ones up soon... I have had like 10 ultrasounds and only some of the pictures up... It will be my project after Painting and Steam Vacuming the Carpets in the house...
I really feel like getting everything Done... I think Im Nesting Big time ..I woke up this morning at like 630 and started cleaning (washing) my celing and Painting... and then Had my appointment at 100 this after noon and by then I cleaned and washed all the walls in My WHOLE house...LOL... So interesting...

I almost started crying during the ultrasound when we could see his little lips and Fingers... he was making lil fish sucks like he was hungry and moving ALOT... Af far as we can tell he has Nicks Mouth... But we will see...

Well Nicks going to try and get the pictures up so .....

... and I

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:38 PM congrads!!!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 7:22 PM So precious!  I am so excited for you!

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