richard did the weirdest thing today....we were at the doc's appt and when the nurse came in to give him his shot and freaked out when he saw the tray that the needle was on.....we put him down on the table and it took both me and my bf and all of a sudden richard latched onto his hand and bit down REALLY hard and pulled...I grabbed his hand and he let go but there was a really bad mark on his was such odd behavior but the nurse didnt think twice about's there's a mark on his just freaked me out


btw....this was after he bit me in the doc's office....the doc was talking to me and handing me my reciept when richard came up and just freakin bit my leg....and on saturday we were visiting matt's family and we were trying out the Wii Fit and while I was on it he bit me again....I dont get it....I never taught him to bite and he also hits all the time and I never taught him that either and I dont know how to punish him....normally I would hit his hand but I dont think it's right to punish a kid for hitting by hitting them back...I dont think it teaches them anything....I dunno 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:36 PM thats a toughie. i don't know about the biting, but i agree, hitting his hand would make it redundant. But what else works at his age? hmmm...wish i could help!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:23 PM Poor little one! He's just showing his displeasure...but, you do have to do something or it could get worse...telling him "no biting -- it hurts" then redirecting his attention would probably could do a time out..although, he is sorta' would be for 1-2 minutes. They work...but, at his age probably letting him know you aren't happy with biting and redirection would be best. Is he going to daycare, playing with anyone new, seeing relatives (other children) more often -- I think a lot of times behaviors are picked up from other sources. Still -- he is cutting teeth and that may be a reason. But, if he is doing it  when angry then it's probably just his way of venting...he's just needs to realize it's not an acceptable way to vent! Good Luck!!

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 12:19 AM Thanks...he acutally goes to a private sitter so he's hardly ever around children but he doesnt bite children...he really only bites me...he has different behaviors with me than with other mom's boyfriend can get him to stop because of his voice being so masculine and stuff and he doesnt know what no means when I tell him...I'm about to give up and let him do what he wants...cause whatever I'm doing is not working

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