Medical tests were on my adrenal glands & my kidneys.

Blood work showed extremly high elevated levels of the sodium and "fat" hormones which indicates that most likely I have a tumor.

Had a CT scan today of my adrenal glands. It was HORRIBLE. I did not know I was going to have an IV and the medication that they put in me was aweful. I felt like HOT water was filtering thru my whole entire body and it was just nauseating. Of course, you had to lie still, arms above your head with an IV stuck in your arm while being put in and out of this CT scanning machine!

I was alone, no one accompanied me and it was a horible experience.

I am a diabetic and this test did NOT allow any food or water. My test was scheduled at 1030 am but they had major trauma come into the ER so they were nearly 1 hour behind and the test was 1 hour long.

I just know that I did not have an enjoyable start of my day.

Now my Dr is supposed to call me with information about the results and I have NOT heard from him. It's Monday so he was probably "too busy". I am sure I'll hear something tomorrow while I am at work.

HUM! I feel yucky. That medication they put in the IV makes me feel like BLAH.

Think it will be an early night for me.

Keep you posted on the results.

Peace and blessings-




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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:39 AM All those tests are never any fun, are they?  ugh!  Feel better soon!

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