Well I'm going to try this. So bare with me ladies. I'm a very busy person I work 2 jobs& grandchildren whom i love spending time with & they are babies.I am A christian women, I Like to dance, hang out with my kids& husband.I also like hanging out with my friends.I like people who are'nt fake. Like.... they are your friend to your  face & behind your back they are taking about you. I try to get along with everyone that I come in-contact with, but there are some people you just can't be friends with.and I hate it when people always think they are the right one.maybe we do this & don't even realize it.If i am wrong I will say I am.I've come in contact with these same people for 18yrs. I'm the one that always do or done wrong.anyways.....i am an enjoyable person. I'm not very good at starting a conversation .But Ican talk..

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:00 PM

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