Well as everyone knew from b4 i was having some pains and bloody discharge a couple days ago and was trying to figure out if i should go in, i decided not to and to wait. So yesterday morning i woke up with some contraction pains but just brushed it off thinking it was BHC went to go pee and notice more discharge with my bloody show agiain, just wiped and thought nothing of it. Went about my day i was doing laundry as DH was cleaning the kitchen and starting dinner.

 To my surprise after i got done with laundry i had a certain urge to put my babys bassinet together and adjust and fix his carseat, mind you i have jayden to look after so in between me doing laundry and nesting im running behind him trying to make sure hes ok and happy. Well around 5:00 i started feeling my low back pain and abdominal pains so i decided it was time for jayden and i to take a nap and man when he fell asleep and i layed down next to him my pain intensified 10 fold so i decided then that that was it and told DH to get everything to the car and head off to L&D.

We reached L&D here at Winnie Palmer at about 6:45pm and it was so packed i gues alot of women were going in to labor i mean water bags were breaking left and right with the ladies in the triage one lady actually vomited which was so nasty but yea i was sitting there till about 8:30 when they called me back into the vital check room they asked me like 100 questions checked my BP and my temp then sent me back to my room in traige i actually got situated and everythign it was about 9:15.

They hooked me up to the monitors and the nurse took the baby off the monitor at like 10:45 she then checked me and i was at 3 cent and she actually pulled my cervix forward because it was so far back MIND YOU IT HURT LIKE HELL, she then left me there to see if my contractions would steady themselves she was going to send me home cause she said it looked to her to just be irritibility. Well at about 12:00 the doctor came in and she checked my baby on the US machine and checked his water which was fine then she checked me again because at that point i was having contractions back to back like hell, and thats when she told me i was 6 cent dialated. She then left the room to get everything set up for me to deliver and thats when i stole the time to post that it was time lol!

I went upstairs at 12:38am where they got me hooked up to the machines again asked me like another 3 billion questions and at that time i was not happy anymore the pain just hit me like a ton of freaking bricks i could like barely answer any questions. After getting throught the billion questions she checked me again and i was at 8-9 centimeters and thats when she called the doc and the doc actually broke my bag of waters at like 1:17am by that time im not taking any kind of pain meds so i was a mess lol!

By 2:00 i was a full 10 and started pushing by my second push they noticed that Aiden wasnt facing the right way so they had to use forceps just to turn him in the right position again NOT A FUN JOURNEY oh my god! i think i probably cursed every bad word in the book but by 2:23am on june 02 2008 he was out and boy was he mad screaming adn yelling he is 6lbs 12 oz and 19 1/2 cent long doing fine just like me.

Right now were in our recovery room hes asleep DH is asleep and im on IV typing my birth story! No pain afterwards im doing great but dont get me wrong i almost went for the EPI the pain was intense, but i held out and were doin well.

 SO SORRY for this being so long but i mean i did say Birth Story lol!


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:58 PM congradulations sweetie i am so happy for you ad welcome baby Aidan !!!!!! hugs Reeda

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:56 AM He looks like a keeper!

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