Deirdre is my given name, though I rarely use it. No one can spell it or pronounce it correctly. Old Irish, it means "sorrow."  The story of Deirdre is a part of mythology, said to be one of the three sorrows of story telling. It is said that when she was born it was foretold that she would bring death to heroes. It was determined that the child was to be killed to prevent the prediction from coming to pass. The King of Ireland saw that she would be a great beauty and decided to raise her in private and to make her his queen one day. As a young woman coming of age, she accidentally met one of the king's knights and they fell in love. The knight and the intended queen ran away to England where his two brothers, also knights of Ireland, joined them. Ireland was embroiled in a terrible war and the king issued a proclamation stating that if the knights returned to fight in the war he would forgive the one his great trespass. Deirdre pleaded with them not to return, that it was a trick. But the knighs were true to their country and returned to Ireland. As they presented themselves to the king, they were slain on the spot bringing the prediction to pass. Some stories say Deirdre died of a broken heart, others say she threw herself on the lover's sword. Either way it is a sad tale indeed. My mother read a poem about Deirdre when she was in high school and determined that one day her daughter would wear that name.

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Jun. 19, 2008 at 11:29 PM And you wear the name proudly. I love stories embroidered with history, rich and weaving. Thanks for the insight. :)

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