Hello all!

 So here we are, now getting ready to embark on the journey of being diaper free!  I am excited but also nervous about potty training. 

 She already tells us when she pees, she will get us a diaper when she is squishy, she is very independent and so eager to do everything like mom, she watches with great enthusiasm when I go and always gets me toilet paper and points for me to wipe!!! 

I bought her a potty as well as a portable potty seat for travel and 2 bulk packages of big girl undies.  When I showed her the potty yesterday she immediately lit up and pulled her pants off and sat on it and then gestured for me to do the same on the big toilet.  I know that she wants to learn this so I think I really hope that it won't be too frustrating. 

During the week of 6/09/08 (hubby's birthday, no less!) we are going to be somewhat MIA socially.  That week we have nothing much to do so I am going to take advantage and really focus %100 on her potty training.  That means very limited outings and only if the first couple of days goes well.  I will be starting the process on a Mon so we will hit library time on Thurs for sure since it's less than a 1hr outing all together.  I also may not be on the computer much or responding to messages- I will be limiting all outside influence (internet, tv, phone, visitors etc) so that we can get this done.

I know that Sophie is completely ready for it, I've been reading up a lot on it and talking to people and she shows all the signs of being ready.  I am going primarily with the book "Toilet Training In Less Than a Day" and it's methods.  I have heard firsthand of a mother of six's success using the method with the book and one of those six children turned around and used the methods on her two with great success.  Obviously it is an older book but it is proven and that's all I need!!  I will also be using the potty training groups that I have joined on cafemom and the advice from the pros like Jamie! 

I will post an update after the first initial week and let you all know how it's going!!

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