My boss is a little tyrant who expects me to jump everytime he needs something and clean up after his messes.  He expects me to work from the time I get up to the time I go to bed and then calls me in the middle of the night too.

He expects me to dress him every day, make all his meals, take him to his appointments, and entertain him and his little friends, He has ABSOLUTELY no regard for how tired I am or how I am feeling that day watch out if he is in a bad mood or if HE is tired or not feeling well,  He is a slob and makes a mess everywhere and heaven forbid that someday he learn to use a napkin!  

I don't know how to say no to him, even though NO is one of his favorite words.  He never spends a dime on me and THANK YOU is just not part of his vocabulary.  He interupts when I am on the phone and throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way.

The thing is,  I am in love with my boss.  He is the first thing I think of in the morning and the last thing I think of when I go to bed.   He is the love of my life and I know we will always be together.  He loves me more than he can say, and my life would never be the same without him.

 Ladies, when the job of being a SAHM seems tiresome, ask yourself if your husband loves HIS boss.  Being a SAHM may not be easy, but it is the most REWARDING job in the world and we should all be thankful for the GIFT that our husbands have given us. 

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 10:47 AM

I am an independent woman and don't need that sort of "kindness" from my husband.  I'm not knocking SAHMs; as I said before, I give them kudos.

How is your son your boss?  Does he pay you the way bosses pay their employees?  I think it's a bad analogy, but I'm sure others may get it.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 11:24 AM

Okay, now you sound confused.  You are actively complaining in this journal, then you turn around and yarn on about how great it is.  Also, you refer to being a SAHM as a "gift", which quite frankly, it isn't for many; it's a necessity.

I get what you're trying to do here, I really do.  Women complain far too much about the difficulties of being a SAHM versus the rewarding experience that it truly is.

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 8:28 PM

The "complaining" was sarcastic, I just want to acknowledge that being a SAHM is not easy, whether by choice or necessity and the gift is that you get to have the most rewarding job in the world, not the easiest.  I do believe it is true that for some women, it would be less stressful to go back to the working world.


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