I was in a car wreck about a year ago and ended up with whiplash and a very sore back......after about 9 months of chiro I was given the "go" back to work....eager to catch up on lots of back bills due to not working I began right away working at a pizza joint.  I figured I shouldn't rush right into heavy work on my back, knowing I wasn't "all the way" healed yet, so I was hired on as a delivery driver.....easy enough......well, as my job progressed so did the tasks I was being asked to do.  I am a very hard working gal, always have been.  Especially when it comes to being at work; if I'm asked to do something, I do it....figuring that's why I'm there in the first place.
  Well a couple months past of a lot of lifting heavy items off the floor and carried up stairs....lifting while twisting, carrying heavy buckets full of sauce, cheese, and dough......etc.....at the end of a long shift, (I worked from 3 till 11pm, sometimes, 5-like 1am) I would come home and my back would ache, ache, ache......but it wasn't the usual ache....it was in my lower back and felt very sharp.....so I finally brought it up to the chiro who was still treating me for my whiplash and he told me that I probably had a bulged disk from the work I had been doing and to open a workers comp claim right away...very disappointed by this news!!!  I wanted very badly to heal and get on with my life, NO MORE CLAIMS!!  Well I decided to work on it for another week, until one night I went to turn around to grab a to-go box and my lower back locked up, it hurt so bad I couldn't move.  Luckily it was the end of my shift and I had the next 4 days off to try to rest, I figured I had just pushed it too far.  Well the next 4 days with "mom work" at home, lets just say...it sucked.  My chiro told me to quit my job and open a workers comp right away, I again did not. 
  I informed my job that I had been in a car wreck a year ago and have been seeing a chiro for that who thinks I may have a bulged disk from the jobs I had been doing around the kitchen/bar.  I told them all, my boss, and all my co-workers....they agreed to give my a lighter duty for awhile.  Well that lasted until my boss told me to scrub the floor boards of the place, so while I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the nasty floor of a pizza/bar, I realized that they didn't care about my condition and I was going to kill my back by staying at this job.  The next time I went into the chiro he handed me a piece if paper saying that, "Chelise cannot and will not work anymore at this job, this is her doctor saying so!!!"  So that was that for that job, I opened a workers comp claim and they denied it.  I figured they'd try to blame it on the car wreck injuries but they didn't.  They denied it saying that I have "Degenerative Disk Disease" and my disk would've bulged anyway and that it's not their fault it happened on the job.  I am 27.  I am very healthy and always been very active and taken good care of myself.  So this to me was BS!  I hired an attorney to represent me and now am waiting on that to all begin. 
  In the meantime, I am getting worse.  My numbness has been so bad sometimes I can't even feel the carpet under my bare feet.  The pain in my gluts and pelvis is horrible and when I have cramps on top of that pain, it's almost unbearable.  I have chosen not to get steroid shots.  I have chosen not to take pain pills.  I am currently stretching, using a lot of ice, eating good, drinking lots of water/tea, and taking lots of vitamins.  I want this to heal the right way, but am so scared of doing too much around the house, you ladies know what I mean, laundry, vacuuming, cooking, cleaning, lifting my two year old...etc....and slipping my disk and having to have surgery.  Do any of you have any advice to anything else I can do to heal myself, or just something that would help with this pain???  Is the only option to cover up the pain temporarily???  What can I do to actually heal it and feel less depressed and useless.  Thanks all for reading. Glad to be part of this group.  Best regards. Ü

        ¤  Chelise Couture ¤

Mother of two happy, healthy boys...

Independent Herbalife Distributer

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