So today out of the blue, my "best" friend for the past three years calls me and says she doesn't want to be friends anymore.  She said it was because I don't treat her two daughters the same, that I favor the older more.  (I didn't realize that I was doing anything different with them).  That I hurt the younger ones feelings all the time by my actions.  The thing that really made them realize this is I didn't give the younger one a graduation present (she just graduated 8th grade) but I gave the older one (just graduated high school) a card and money.  That this act was the last straw.  I really don't think that 8th grade graduation is a big deal and I did congratulate her on her acheivements.  But I guess this wasn't good enough.  This really upset me (saddened and pissed).  When her husband had an accident at work, my husband and I offered to buy the younger one a $300 IPOD for Christmas because they weren't going to have the money to buy Christmas presents.  We also offered to help pay part of their morgage when they were getting letters from the bank saying pay now.  I don't understand how she could just turn on me because her younger daugther feels that I don't like her (which is not the case.)  I taught bought children music and the last year I had the younger one, her mother asked me to keep an eye on her and let her know if she wasn't doing what she was suppose to.  So I did.  It came to bite me in the ass because now she says that I was just trying to get her in trouble.  I don't know whether to be sad that our friendship ended over something so damn stupid or pissed off.  I can't stop crying.  She and her family meant a lot to me.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:06 AM What a crappy situation.  It sounds like she wasn't much of a true friend.  I know how hard it is to lose a close friend, but maybe this is for the best in the long run.  Hang in there!

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