It was the perfect way to spend Abbie's birthday. 

Robbie got home from work around 6:45pm (est) and we ate what we believed would have been what she wanted which was chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese!  lol  We both wrote her letters and attached them to the string of the balloon and walked outside, said what we wanted to say to her and we released the balloon and just watched it until it was a dot in the sky.  About an hour later, we ate some strawberry birthday cake and just spent time thinking about her.  It really was just a glorious day...I honestly dont think I cried one tear. 

Usually her birthday is the best day...nothing sad about it really except we started to know around this time 2yrs ago that she had some pretty major issues.  The hard day will be the 7th....I hate that day so much.  I will say it so much...I am glad she is with God and whole that day but hate that she isnt here with me, running around, picking on the dog and peeing in her panties from trying to potty train! (lol just trying to picture that) 

Things are they way that they are for a reason and I do accept that.  But I sure do miss my daughter....

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:16 AM Happy birthday Abbie!  Hugs to you mama.  I love ya :)

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