Well  as old as I am  and slow but sure I am moving up in this  wrld wide web  generation!!

 Over a year ago I signed up for a space  in Etsy and  could not  seem to manipulate the site  until recently  when another  wonderful Cafe Mom  talked me through this process!  So many people over the  years  have asked me  about seeling the  cards and the  home made  items  I make and  I just never  felt the  urge to take the  plunge...Well now that  I am getting to be an empty  nester  I am rethinking this process.

So often you hear people say  there is no money in crafting but  I see what is out there and I know people  making quite well to add to their incomes and seems  now days   the penny is getting pinched tighter in the homes than  what  we have in the past,


Any how I did  not  want to create this post to sell items or   do a rant and  rave  but I do want to say thankyou to a few of the moms that assisted me  in the  journey!! 


I love Cafe Moms!!


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