Tonight was Ray (my soon to be brother in laws) birthday.  It was very nice.  We came over to his place, and joined family and friends in celebration of his 20th.  We all had a great time.  Johnny Ray loved all the company. 

I am about to start heading home.  Waiting on John, he had to run someone home real fast.  Actually, I left my purse on the tailgate of his truck before he took off.  Called him, it was safe.  Thank goodness he put his talegate up!!!  Durrr me.  Note to self: never leave purse on vehicle.  Haha, I never leave it period.. and of all places.  Close call though.  It was wide open, and yeah- I would have had to walk miles picking up my lipsticks, business cards, creditcards, etc. 

Anyhoo, I have to get going.
But I thought everyone should know, I've been contacting as many Mommys as I know and telling them they have to sign up.  I don't tell people about something unless I absolutly love it.  And I do love this site.  I came here, had a nice warm welcome from all the Mommys.. and I just feel at home (online) here.  Its really nice.  I love enjoying the convos and disgussing whatever.  It's really great here. 

Thank you to all the Moms who have made my first few days here awesome.
I will be logging on everyday.. to check in and spend some minutes here.

Infact, I've actually ditched myspace somewhat.. because I find this 10734973x more important.  Who'da thought?

Love always,

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