All parents have had the beautiful day dream of doing a project together as a family. Our latest one consisted of the simple task of planting a flower bed. Imagine a father, a mother, Chase a 4 year old, and Bryce and Conner twin two year olds, sadly Breanna the 13 year old was at school. Father and mother make the plan and smile at the thought of creating something beautiful together with their children. Plan for family project!
Step 1: Mom goes to buy plants while dad and boys stay home to clear the section to be utilized as the flower bed.
Step 2: Mom returns home with flowers and the fun begins.
Step 3: Mom digs holes.
Step 4: Dad hands flower Chase.
Step 5: Chase places flower in hole.
Step 6: Bryce & Conner fill hole up with dirt.
Step 7: Water the newly planted flowers.
Step 8: Wash up and put boys down for a nap.
“The boys will have so much fun, digging in the dirt, placing the flowers in, and watching the flowers grow.” It all sounds like such a fairytale.
Reality of the family project!
Mom heads off to the store and dad begins to dig. It does not take long, approximately 5 minutes, till the boys want to help dad dig. Although their help is not in the plan for this phase, being the good dad he is, he gets each one a garden tool and shows them how to dig and remove the weeds. The boys are busy again so back to work. A couple of dirt turns in, Dad hears the familiar sound of boys screaming the famous words “that’s mine”, “I had it first”, immediately followed by “your not doing it right”! Dad stops his digging AGAIN settles the argument and back to work. He gets quite a bit further this time since it does not take long for the boys to realize playing on the swing set is more fun than digging. Dad is almost finished when he hears a scream followed by crying, Conner is lying on the ground crying. No need to worry, he is o.k., just a bruised foot. Mom gets home during lunch, has a quick bite to eat with them and giggles at dads stories from the morning. While the boys are distracted looking at the new flowers and getting instructions from mom, dad quickly finished clearing the area. Ready to get started, mom digs the first hole, Dad hands the flower to Chase who puts it into the hole, and Bryce & Conner fill hole up with dirt. This plan is working wonderfully, until the dog runs off with the garden tools, and the boys start fighting (again) over who is supposed to do what. “When do I get to dig?” “I want to get my own flower out”. “When can we water them?” After much deliberation and chasing down the dog, mom continues to dig and dad hands each boy a flower that he is responsible for putting in the hole and filling with dirt. The boys did their jobs till they got tired of it and mom and dad came behind to finish covering with dirt, or turning over the flower that was placed in upside down. The project is finally considered done. With a light sprinkle of water, the tools are put away and the boys are herded inside to get cleaned up and ready for nap. After lots of soap, water, and a new change of clothes, the boys are put down for a nap. At the end of the day, only about 2/3 of the flowers got planted the rest were torn apart by the dog or torn apart by the boys who really thought that they did not need help taking out the flowers. So in reference to the question, “Is it a Fun Family Project or a Three Ring Circus?” With this many kids, it is always a circus, and nothing make me happier than being at the Circus! 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:10 AM sounds like fun to me.. got to try out something like that

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