Well things have been a 'lil roller coaster 'round here lately. First off, we ALL had the flu. really bad. We thought it went away then it popped its ugly head again and my oldest puked in the back seat of the car right on ME in the car. Wouldn't you know it but, the baby then got sick too. He spiked a fever of 103.8 n stopped eating and drinking. He was admitted to the hospital and they did all the tests they could and it was all negative. . .no to the flu to strep all teh blood tests were negative but he had twice as many white blood cells so it told the Drs. he had some kind of bacterial infection . . .while he was in the hospital I got the flu too. It was horrible!  Now we are all in the free and clear. Yea! Well, I have been picking up lots of Hrs. at work because my hubby has been laid off from Chreysler. Its not too bad because I only work 4 hrs. each time I work I just enjoy making people happy. NOW,. . .We are moving to a bigger house we are planning on renting a house from my in-laws that they had planned on flipping n selling. But its bigger for us n cheaper for them. Yea but moving sucks. . .We have so much stuff I didn't even know we had. This weekend we are going to go pick up for the summer my step-daughter. Which I am always hesitant to do. (long story) and then later this month we have to go to Wisconsin to go get my baby's cleft palet surgery. I have such a busy summer ahead of me and I am so nervous.WELL that's that for now. I guess. . .


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 11:05 AM Wow congrats on the bigger house. I know how ya mean about packing and moving. Im moving saturday the 7th of June and wow. im finally pretty much done packing. just last minute stuff we use daily. and my computer. But on to bigger and better things as a single mommy. Im excited for you. thats great that your job is going soo well! great to hear from you again!

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