Okay, so in my excitement about finally having the internet back on and being able to tell everyone about our new house, I forgot to mention what my wonderful 5yo boy did yesterday.

He uses his teeth for EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING! I can't get him to stop, I keep telling him not to do stuff with his teeth or he'll break them and then he won't have any teeth. I also have told him countless times that if he breaks all his teeth out, he won't be able to eat anything except soup! He keeps using them to open cans of juice or soda, lids and everything else. Anyone else have this problem? Anyway, yesterday, we had chinese food and he finished before Lonn and I did so I told him that he could go play his gameboy in his room till we were done, he comes back about five or ten minutes later and asks Lonn if he could please get that game out so he could put a different one in. Lonn saw something in his mouth while Jonathan was talking to him so he had Jonathan come closer then asked him what he did, I pulled him over to me and saw the blood first (not much, just a couple of drops) and the two MISSING bottom teeth second and asked him what did he do?? He said he was trying to get the game out and his teeth fell out, then he went and got his teeth to bring back to me. I have them sitting in a tiny container on my dresser now but I was so upset, I wasn't mad at him or anything but I was near tears because I was just so upset about it. Lonn and I had a little talk with him after that about using his teeth, it still doesn't change the fact that the poor kid is missing the front two bottom teeth though. A little bit of consolation: Lonn says that the teeth must have been loose already otherwise Jonathan would have been screaming when they came out, therefore, he probably only pulled them out a couple of days or possibly weeks early.

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